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Our transportation network offers perfect forwarding and logistics opportunities, especially for moving your goods within Europe as well as to and from Eastern Europe and China. We are confident to find an optimal transport solution for you – by road, sea and air.

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TBN Logistic & Baltic is a forwarding company offering a wide range of services for the international trade. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, we operate from one of the most important transport hubs in the world.

We have established ourselves in the market as a top class forwarding company meeting the highest requirements and demands. TBN Logistic & Baltic is your competent partner for all freight activities, whether by sea, air or road. We will be happy to be challenged by your logistic demands!

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As far as Latvia is located in the geographic centre of the Baltic Sea region and shares border with Russia, it gives an advantage over other regions for the development of logistics services and distribution. This fact is used by many large Western and Eastern companies, as they prefer to establish representations and centers of distribution in Latvia. As well as entering the European Union is the positive fact for making distribution center in Latvia. Therefore, our main task is to handle transit freights from EU countries to Russia, CIS countries and backwards.


Our company uses the services of the modern bonded warehouse with area of 8000m2 and railway access to achieve all the mentioned aims. This warehouse provides all kinds of services on transit groupage cargo consolidation according to European practice of customs clearance and further transportation to Russia. Also, we have experience working in Free Port of Riga, such as handling, storage, clearance of sea cargoes as we provide container forwarding services, including LCL cargo (shipment that is not large enough to fill a standard cargo container). Sea container shipping occupies almost all the regions, Far Eastern Asia, America, etc.
In conclusion, we may offer services on transportation of oversized, heavyweight cargoes with necessary permit for carriage (cargo that exceeds the usable dimensions and weight for transportation on the territory of an EU and RF).